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The Gryphon Rosso Series

from $4,200.00

Description ▴

The ROSSO wire body adopts bright red, which echoes the Gryphon lion kite logo, and the wire trim ring adopts a diamond-shaped vocabulary similar to the VANTA series, paying tribute to the flagship series. Four types of cables will be released for the first time, namely speaker cable, RCA signal cable, XLR signal cable and power cable, while the ROSSO 75-ohm digital cable will debut later, and will be equipped with Oyaide’s highest-grade BNC terminals.

Product list ▾

Gryphon Rosso Speaker Cables2×2mfrom $12,320.00
Gryphon Rosso Analog Interconnects XLR/XLR or RCA/RCA2x2mfrom $4,900.00
Gryphon Rosso Analog Phono Cable Angled 5-PIN Connector XLR or RCA2x1mfrom $6,300.00
Gryphon Rosso Power Cord1×1.5mfrom $4,200.00

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