Mephisto Stereo


Description ▴

As we strive to push back the boundaries of what is possible in home audio, Gryphon Audio Designs occasionally builds highly experimental testbed prototypes. We create these no holds barred components for our own edification as tools in the development and refinement of real-world products. These rarefied, strictly non-commercial laboratory instruments serve as an absolute reference for the current state of the art. They are take no prisoners exploratory projects, built with scant regard for cost, just as size, weight, appearance, transportability and spousal approval are wholly irrelevant. The latest of these experiments, designed with no thought for the marketplace and no intention of being offered for sale have been dubbed the Gryphon Pandora preamplifier and the Gryphon Mephisto power amplifier.

Product Specifications ▾

Output Power (RMS) pro channel in 8Ohm175W, Class A
Output Power (RMS) pro channel1400W / 1Ohm
Noise, Unweighted, 20-20000hz< -80dBu
Noise, A-weighted< -83dBu
Dynamic range111dB
Distortion (THD+N)< 1%, 175W
Input sensivity1,055V
Bandwidth (-3dB)0 – 400KHz
Channel separationInfinite
Input impedance, balanced (20-20000Hz)< 0,025Ohm
Output impedance (20-20000Hz)1 x XLR
Speaker outputs, pr. channel1 set
Size (W x H x D) cm, netto52x34x71
Weight, netto108 kg
Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)140 kg

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