Mephisto Solo


Description ▴

They said it couldn’t be done. Or maybe they just meant that it shouldn’t be done in a prevailing climate of global financial meltdown. In either case, anyone even remotely familiar with the workings of the mind of Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen knows that this is exactly the kind of challenge on which he thrives. While other High End manufacturers are quietly closing up shop or reluctantly downsizing their ambitions in concession to an increasingly gadgetised and commodified audio market, Gryphon Audio Designs boldly and proudly offers the world the most advanced and, yes, most costly amplification components in the brand’s history.

Product Specifications ▾

Output Power (RMS) pro channel in 8Ohm200W, Class A
Output Power (RMS) pro channel1600W / 1Ohm
Noise, Unweighted, 20-20000hz< -80dBu
Noise, A-weighted< -83dBu
Dynamic range111dB
Distortion (THD+N)< 1%, 200W
Input sensivity1,13V
Bandwidth (-3dB)0 – 400KHz
Channel separationInfinite
Input impedance, balanced (20-20000Hz)< 0,013Ohm
Output impedance (20-20000Hz)1 x XLR
Speaker outputs, pr. channel1 set
Size (W x H x D) cm, netto2 pcs 52x34x71
Weight, netto2 x 108 kg
Shipping weight and dimensions (L x W x H)2 x 140 kg
2 x 82x62x50cm

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