Hercules Monoblock


Description ▴

Hercules… The Ultimate monoblock amplifier… Key Features: -1 x 2,5KVA transformer -240.000uF extra long-life specialized custom made capacitors -30 Ultra wide bandwith powerful transistors -Military specs pcbs -Isolated from chassis Transformer’s Base -Separate IEC for Analogue and Digital circuitry -Microprocessor digitally controlled DC, Temperature, speaker protection -Completely separated audio signal circuitry from the one that does not process audio signal

Product Specifications ▾


350W/8Ω, 700W/4Ω, 1400W/2Ω (1 Ohm Stable)

Frequency Response< 100kHz
Inputs1 XLR
Voltage gain36
Output Impedance< 0.1 Ohm
Dimensions410x400x490mm (HxWxD)
Net Weight107kg

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