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PD-151. Preserving the fragile beauty of analog music reproduction.

Audiophiles love the warmth, organic texture and uncanny beauty of analog music reproduction.But that beauty is notoriously fragile. Even slight variations in platter speed can blur the musical pitch, placing the sound behind an unnatural veil. And when music lovers turn up the volume, the phono cartridge can pick up even subtle chassis vibration and resonance – distortions the cartridge cannot distinguish from the desired tracking of the record groove. At LUXMAN, we understand. And we built that understanding into the PD-151 analog player, a more accessible alternative to our highly regarded PD-171A / AL. From the 10 mm thick aluminum top plate to the high-torque motor, the ultra-wide drive belt and the 4.0 kg platter, every aspect of the PD-151 pursues just one purpose. To do full justice to the ineffable beauty of analog sound.

Product Specifications ▾

Phono motor section
Drive systemBelt drive system
MotorBrushless DC motor with PID control
Platter30cm machined alminum plate
Revolution33 1/3rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm(3 speeds selectable)
Revolution adjustment range±6%(each rotation speed adjustable independently)
Wow and flutter0.04% or less(W.R.M.S.)
Tone arm section * Cartridge is not included
TypeStatic balanced, S shaped, universal type
BearingSingle point cross suspension
Effective length229mm
Tracking error angle+1.9° to -1.1°
Applicable cartridge weight4 to 12g (including headshell 17 to 25g)
Adjustable height range38 to 60mm
Anti-skating0 to 3g
Power source and others * Dust cover is not included
Power source230V~ 50Hz
Power consumption6W
Dimensions465 (W) × 133(up to top face of platter)(H)×
393(D) mm
Net weight15.7kg (main unit)
AccessoriesPlatter, Headshell, Rubber mat
Rubber belt,Platter mount handle (2pieces)
EP adaptor, Counterweight
Arm adjustment hex wrench set (3types)
Flathead screwdriver for rotation speed adjustment
phono cable (DIN→RCA : already installed on the unit), Power cable

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