LM-503 PA 24W Class A 845 Mono Amplifiers


Description ▴

The LM-503PA mono power amplifier has been inspired by an original design of Western Electric. It uses a single ended 845 output stage with a 300B driver and 5U3C rectifier. The pre-amplifier stage use a special Line Magnetic tube, the 310A.

Product Specifications ▾

ClassA amplifier
Power 1x 24W RMS
THD1% (1kHz)
Signal/Noise ratio87dB (Weighted A)
Frequency response15 – 35,000 Hz (-1.5 dB)
Sensitivity1000 mV
Input Impedance100kΩ
Load impedance4/8/16Ω
Connectorsx Line input RCA
1x Line input XLR
1x Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs

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