TSD 15

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Description ▴

EMT also produced some of the world’s greatest plate reverb units including the vaunted EMT 140 found in the world’s greatest recording studios. In 1965 EMT introduced the TSD 15 stereo cartridge, which remains basically unchanged to the present day. Along with many EMT turntables the TSD 15 is the bedrock product of EMT and has been used in recording studios and radio stations throughout Europe for over 50 years. Like the Denon DL 10, it is a reference, a standard in the industry – only to a much higher standard. Roksan, Van den Hul and Brinkmann among other audio manufacturers use the basic guts of the TSD 15 to create many of their popular cartridges.

Product Specifications ▾

Stylus tip radius (µm)6
Tracking force (mN)20-30
Frequency response (Hz)20-30000
Impedance2 X 24 Ohm
Output transfer level (mVs/cm)0,21/channel (0.74 ~ 1.05 depending on mVs/cm velocity)
Cross talkmin. 25 dB
FIMmax. 0.5%
Vertical tracking angle 23° (±3°)
Compliance15 µm/mN
Eff. stylus tip massca. 1 mg
Tone arm connectionEMT tone arm
Weight (g)17.5

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