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The EMT 128 phono stage using micro tube technology is set to eclipse all previous designs by a wide margin. EMT Tontechnik has chosen a sub miniature vacuum tube, originally built for a premium amplifier application in an US missile. This tube convinces with: -compact size -outstanding linearity -low plate voltage -low power consumption -low heat emission -high longevity

Product Specifications ▾

InputMC cartridge, 1mV (nominal) on RCA
OutputLine level, symmetrical fully floating on XLR
ModeStereo / Mono
CurveRIAA / DIN 78
Total Gain64dB nominal / 70dB max., selectable sensitivity by internal jumpers
THD< 0.05% @ 1kHz and nominal level
Output impedance<500 Ohms
Mains230 VAC, 115 VAC or 100 VAC
Power Consumption25 Watts
Operating / Room temperature18-25°C / 65-77°F
Operating environmentIndoor only
Dimensions480x315x60 mm / 19×12.5×2.3 inches
Weight12kg / 26.5 lbs

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