P-75 MK 4


Description ▴

The Dynavector P-75 mkII Phono Stage is a unique entry level phono stage with several outstanding features that ensures the P-75 mkII will out perform other phono stages costing considerably more then the P-75 mkII. The P-75 mkII also includes the patent PE (phono enhancing) circuit designed by Dr Tominari to dramatically improve the performance of low output moving coil cartridges. By a simple arrangement of jumper settings all conventional, MM, MI, high and low output cartridges are catered for. The P-75 mkII also has an advanced power supply that operates from a conventional 12V AC to DC adaptor. This adaptor has absolutely no bearing on the sound quality. The P-75 mkII power supply runs at over 1/4MHz. It takes the low grade single voltage DC supply from the ac adapter and converts it to the dual high voltages required for true professional quality audio reproduction. The operating frequency is over 12 times higher than the top of the audio band and it incorporates super low noise wideband regulators in its output stage to give ultra low noise supply rails. The internal P-75 mkII power supply is totally self contained and stores many times the maximum possible energy requirements for the phono amplifiers. This means that the quality or size of the external ac adaptor is irrelevant. Increasing the capacity of the external supply will make no difference to the quality of the sound.

Product Specifications ▾

Cartridge TypeInput SensitivityGainLoading
Low output MC
Standard phono stage
0.2mV or 0.15mV60 & 63dB25, 30,100, 470 ohms
Low output MC
Phono Enhancer *
Zero ohms
High output MC
2.0mV40dB47k (47,000) ohms
Dimensions ( W x D x H )133W x 83D x 44H mmWeight450g

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