NANO PHONO V2 Headphone


Description ▴

Its meticulously selected SMD components are assembled by hand in Erlangen and tested several times. The reward of these efforts is a signal to noise ratio of up to 84 decibels. The input impedance is set using plug-in links, so there is no loss of quality when using different moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. The nano phono headphone V2 additionally contains a powerful headphone amplifier within the solid aluminium housing for private listening at the highest fidelity.

Product Specifications ▾

Amplification:34dB (MM mode)
65dB (MC mode)
Input load:47 kOhm/ 220pF / MM mode
User MC mode
MM / MC – input:switchable (at bottom)
Subsonic Filter:switchable (at the bottom)
RIAA:Nach RIAA (Zeitkonst.: 75µs / 318µs / 3180µs)
RIAA accuracy:± 0.4dB @ 20Hz-50kHz
THD:< 0.04%
Headroom:18dB / MC
S/N:81dB (A) (MM mode)
70dB (A) (MC mode)
Channel seperation:> 80 dB bei 1 kHz,
Max. output voltage:10V eff (1 kHz)
Power consumption:max. 2.3 watts
in operation:in operation 2.3 watts
Standby mode:<0.3 watts
Off mode:0.0 watts
Power supply:±18V DC/300mA
(external power supply)
Outputs:unbalanced (RCA)
asymmetries (CINCH)
Weight:ca. 500g
(Preamp and power supply)
Dimensions ( w x l x h ): Warranty:3.35 inches x 4.17 inches x 0.98 inches
85mm x 106mm x 25mm

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